Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 2/28/14 – Kane Place Record Club

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Kane Place Record Club, an indie sextet that is clearly a standout in the city’s music scene. With the addition of a saxophone, keys, and an electric violin to the traditional indie band instruments, the band carries a bigger sound than most, and manages that added chaos well. The group somehow orchestrates all of those elements to come together into a poppy, danceable sound that is sure to catch your ear and attention. Their latest release, 2013’s self titled album, is a prime example of what happens when those pieces all mold together beautifully.

It’s fitting that this album was released in summer, because it carries the vibe of something that would be played at a rooftop summertime party at times, and at other points, it’s as calm as watching a sunset. For example, the very upbeat “In My Bones” segues into the more relaxed “Little Louie”. similar patterns of up and down follow throughout this album. It’s stop and start, but it works, because the slower songs pave the way for the more danceable tracks to catch your attention even more. That’s not a discredit to their slower songs either; there is great songwriting throughout this record. In terms of sound, they take the wonderfully crafted work that they have and present it damn well, led by vocalists Jon Scott’s combination of subtle and smooth with his theatric choruses. Kane Place Record Club is an amalgamation; with a piece of this and a piece of that, they’re all over the place. But they’ve done so in such a way that it keeps you wanting more.

There are many things on their self titled album to make you stop what you’re doing and listen. “10,000 Timpani ” is a great example of that. The song begins with a manic drum beat, and Scott adds a sinister set of lo-fi vocals, almost like a twisted narrator telling a story. It’s captivating. While the band overall is an indie pop outfit, there are some elements of soul music as well. There’s definitely the presence of a jazz or soul background on some parts of this album, and it’s not too far off from the band’s regular sound. Great songwriting fixes any issues that would be caused their. The band managed to incorporate some of the jazzier parts that they have written into a pop song, without skipping a beat. Kane Place Record Club is definitely a name to watch, and if you get the chance to see them live, I highly recommend doing so. Stream their self-titled album below via Bandcamp.

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