Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 11/22/13 – Blax

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Blax, a Brooklyn transplant by way of Milwaukee, with talent that isn’t talked about enough in his hometown. With his latest release, “Everyday” dropping on earlier this week, we felt that it was only right to introduce him to a whole new audience.

This release takes the theme of it’s title to heart; there are only seven tracks, titled for days of the week, from opener “Sunday” to closer “Saturday”. While this may be a questionable move to some critics, Blax, along with a handful of talent producers, do capture each day of the week well. More importantly, each day of the week carries it’s own unique vibe, but altogether it creates a cohesive package. While many free releases seem disjointed, “Everyday” is a complete thought, beginning to end. On top of that, with only seven tracks, there isn’t room for filler. Blax keeps it moving from beginning to end, while keeping the listener eager to see how his day will end up. From a flow perspective, Blax incorporates both his roots in Milwaukee and the classic hip hop style of Brooklyn. There’s also great traits of other emcees; he’s part Big K.R.I.T., part Common, and a blend of everything in between. The end result is a focused, polished product from a quality emcee. Everyday is definitely worth the spins, especially in the car during the week.

Beyond “Everyday”, Blax also has four other releases, including a collection of freestyles on Bandcamp. Never one to skimp on quality, there is enough content from Blax to keep heads all over happy. He’s a solid mix of backpack and trap, with slightly more emphasis on a backpack style of delivery. Having that dynamic skill set in terms of lyrical content and sound is definitely a commodity in today’s music scene. Blax is definitely in many respects, a hidden gem in Milwaukee hip hop. Click on the cover or click here to stream Everyday via

For more Blax, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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