Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 5/3/13 – Joe Richter

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week spotlight is aimed at a different facet of the Milwaukee music scene, singer/songwriter Joe Richter. A one man show in his own right, Richter is a self sufficient output of folk music with a piano driven blues/rock touch. Richter knew that he wanted pursue music after seeing Billy Joel, and that influence comes out in his songwriting style and overall sound.

Joe Richter’s style calls back to the singer/songwriters of earlier eras, a unique talent that often gets lost in today’s musical landscape. Without the need of a backing band, Richter is able to captivate with his sound and lyrical content. A self taught musician, Richter has found the way to give a song energy on his own, with a bouncy guitar style and self-taught piano ability. His live performances are also captivating, because he manages to fill in the crowd with the inspiration for his songs. It takes a great deal of confidence for a songwriter to allow that level of intimacy to be shared with the listener, and Richter definitely has the talent deserving of that confidence. His recorded work is clean, polished, and radio-friendly. In addition to that, his debut EP, Grace, is available on Itunes or at any of his shows, including several upcoming ones in the Milwaukee area. Check out part of his live performance below:

For more Joe Richter, check out his Facebook, Twitter, and website.

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