Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 2/1/13 – Midwest Death Rattle

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Midwest Death Rattle

Every Monday on Facebook and Twitter, we do a #MKEMusicMonday, where artists send us links to their music and we promote it for them for free. This week had the best response from artists yet, and it’s also where we discovered this week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Midwest Death Rattle. The band is only around a year old, but in that time, they have written and recorded a great debut album, played Summerfest at the Cascio Groove Garage, and shot their first video. Not too shabby.

Midwest Death Rattle’s debut album is a must for any local music collector. There are elements of songs similar to Modest Mouse and Tapes N’ Tapes, but nothing too distinctly like one band or another. It’s also an incredibly polished sounding album, which is sometimes a rarity for a band or artist’s first release. Throughout the entire 9 song release, MDR keeps the flow going, mixing gentle sections with guitars, organs, and whatever else that’s loud that you can throw at speakers. It’s hard to pick a standout track from this album, because it’s just all good. That’s one of the marks of a good album. You can put on any track on it’s own and enjoy it, or you can listen to the whole project and it all works together.

Midwest Death Rattle are currently spending January and February working on their next album, and if it’s anything like their debut, it’s one to look out for. Check out their ghost-laden video for “Food Chain”:

For more Midwest Death Rattle, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and website.

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