Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 9/14/12 – Cassie Boettcher

Are you a Milwaukee musician/band? You can submit your music to be the Milwaukee Artist of the Week by emailing links to We’ll check out every submission we get!

This past Sunday night, we were introduced to singer/songwriter Cassie Boettcher. Within the first listen, it was clear that she makes delightfully catchy, infectious pop music, fitting for the next Zooey Deschanel or Michael Cera movie that comes out. Upon reading her submission to us, we found out that her music is really about to be in a film. She was selected to be on the soundtrack for the upcoming film We Made This Movie, and you can hear the soundtrack by clicking here, courtesy of the Red Bull Sound Stage. Boettcher has also been hitting the road to support her debut EP, “(Philosophical) Words”, playing in Chicago and Nashville, in addition to local shows. Check out her first official music video, for “New York Minute”, below:

And, she does a Kanye cover! How cool is that!

For more Cassie Boettcher, check out her Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, and website.

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