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Part One of “Land By The Lake 2” Tracklisting Announced

For years, Milwaukee hasn’t been necessarily collaborative, and a lot of that purely revolved around local artists’ apathy towards making the effort to work with one another. However, great collaborative projects are emerging, and the second installment of the Land By The Lake projects are dropping soon. The first half of the track listing was unveiled, and now we can

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AUDIO: Dukalion – “The Journey of The Lost Ark” EP

While he may have moved out west, Dukalion is definitely always representing Milwaukee. So it’s only right that we share that with him, and share his new EP “The Journey of The Lost Ark” EP with you. No matter what part of the country you’re in, this is definitely worth a spin in the car stereo. When it comes down

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Mifflin Street Block Party 2011 (Video)

So, it’s been a couple weeks, but I finally put together the video that I shot from the Mifflin Street Block Party this year. The video was really just to test out my new editing software, but I uploaded it to Youtube. Why not, right? Especially since there is a movement to shut the annual party down before next year’s

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