AUDIO: Land By The Lake II, Part One (Premiere)

After months of build up, and pieces coming together, we have the first half of the Land By The Lake II compilation. A passion project unlike any other, the compilation album assembled by Dscribe brings together hip hop artists from throughout the city, all into one place. Part one is a hell of an album in its own right, featuring contributions from 25 Milwaukee artists, including No No Yeah Okay’s Colin Plant, Klassik, Raze, Mike Regal, and many, many more. There’s an incredibly deep lineup that touches on music from around the city, crossing generational gaps as well. And this is only the first half. Make sure you check out these artists individually, as well, but hearing their styles in a collaborative setting like this is something that makes this project stand out on its own as something creatively unique. Stream the first part of “Land By The Lake II” below:


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  • Man that’s pretty dope.. I knew Milwaukee had some talent but this whole project is cold so far can’t wait to hear the 2nd part..

    -PJ reppin Chitown

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