AUDIO: Marsha Swanson – “Not You”

Marsha Swanson is back, and with her newest single, “Not You,” she leaves quite an impact on us here at Breaking and Entering. Marsha is an artist whose work we have enjoyed in the past, and one of the things that makes her such a fascinating singer is the fact that you can never really predict the path that she will take next; this is demonstrated here.

The narrative of “Not You” revolves around the stages of development that occur between being a child and becoming an adult. Despite the fact that Marsha primarily discusses a girl maturing into a woman, the subject matter is still relevant for everyone, and despite the fact that I am a male writer, I can identify to a lot of the lyrics and words that Marsha employs within her piece.

The vocals performed by Marsha are powerful and inspiring. She has a dramatic manner of singing at times, which not only increases our level of engagement, but also ensures that we remain fixated throughout the entirety. The music is also very well put together, and it is difficult to categorise the genre as it takes hints from a variety of places; it makes it even more special!

You can stream here.

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