AUDIO: Cyrus Chrome – “Cosmos”

Cyrus Chrome has been a rad pop artist to be watching in Milwaukee, and if you’ve seen them perform live then you’ll know that Chrome fully animates their music on stage with exuberance and fervor. Their debut solo album is out now and it takes us for a spin through the stars, containing all the magic, color and zest that Cyrus Chrome takes delight in, even featuring re-recorded versions of three previous singles (“Back Around”, “Outta Control” and “Outclimb”). Themes of love, trust, infinity and self-discovery are woven into elements of hyperpop, hip hop and EDM, complete with features from Violethead (“Let Go!!”) and 03GROVE (“The Fall”) and production credits from Dataexit, Tommy Electra, HymnWho, Cameron Soat and Tombo. The artist welcomes you to joyfully move with them while simultaneously inviting you to feel their emotional intensity, capable of captivating any room. Cyrus Chrome executes a vibrant pop landscape with “Cosmos” and we’re excited to see how they’ll continue building their eclectic artistry from here.

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