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AUDIO: Nancy Love & Tombo – “An Eternal Night”

Lo-fi pop artists Nancy Love and Tombo teamed up for a new EP. In a whirlwind of gothic emotions, the three songs here shroud us in a melancholy haze, peppered with peeks of sun. It’s the kind of music for when you visit the beach on a cloudy yet muggy day. Of course, it also fits those nights where your

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AUDIO: Tommy_Emo & Tombo – “From Us to You”

Producers Tommy_Emo and Tombo teamed up for an instrumental EP that they feel goes well with the snow. The two artists play with feathery textures that find home under moonlit skies and meadows of icy wonder away from bustling urban development. It’s five colorful tracks that thrive in the shadows rather than escape them; “Park Place” concludes things with some

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