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AUDIO: Cyrus Chrome – “Back Around”

Electronic pop artist Cyrus Chrome’s latest single is about toxic lovers. Y’all could be something special and you keep coming back to each other, but you find yourself always compromising and you’re trying not to let yourself down, and Chrome is over that shit. Your idea of them is different than actually being with them, it seems. Favoring electronically manipulated

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AUDIO: Skymall & Cyrus Chrome – “Just You Wait!”

Today’s the day – Skymall and Cyrus Chrome dropped their collaborative EP. We first heard from them with “Ripples” a few months back and today we get the full picture; the artists bring a pop opus that incorporates elements of hip hop, pop punk and electronica. There’s a friendly and affable chemistry that’s palpable between the two as they bring

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AUDIO: Skymall & Cyrus Chrome – “Ripples”

Emerging artists Skymall and Cyrus Chrome teamed up for a new single. Shrouded in hazy atmosphere and sky-climbing production, this song is about someone running back to you. The two artists trade off on the hook and verses, conjuring a wide-eyed fantasy. It’s the first taste of a collab EP from Skymall and Cyrus Chrome – stay tuned.

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