AUDIO: Well + Good – “I Don’t Wanna Be Bored”

Well + Good’s debut LP is out today, and the band shine on eight tracks with “I Don’t Wanna Be Bored.” From the moment that opener “Haunter” kicks off, the trio plant their flag in the Milwaukee music scene, with anthemic qualities to their sound. Previous singles “22” and “Cocaine (Among All These Other Drugs)” make the cut, but the band get the chance to expand on those records, and do so well, with a variety of styles. The sobering “We Can’t Work This Out” is offset by lighthearted tracks like “Sweet Tooth,” giving the full scope of what Well + Good is capable of as a band. “I Don’t Wanna Bored” is a strong first effort, and you can celebrate with the band at Company Brewing tonight, where they’ll be joined by Royal Mill and Glitzy. Check out the album here:

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