AUDIO: Glowingtide – “(Matter of) Perspective”

Glowingtide released their debut studio album on Friday. It’s ten songs that blend elements of shoegaze, emo, prog and psychedelic rock for quite an emotive maelstrom. Like its cover art, this album is a collage of musings and ruminations that come crashing like unrelenting waves on the breakwater, testing whether you’ll sink or swim. Glowingtide can captivate listeners at both ends of the sonic spectrum whether it’s via patient, introspective soundscapes or with noisy, dissonant salvos. Some songs such as “Pains of Youth”, “Comfort in Captivity” and “Habits” are given plenty of space to breathe as they pivot between different tones and movements, spanning eight or nine minutes long. Glowingtide navigate life’s haze and tide with “(Matter of) Perspective”, distinguishing themselves with a unique stylistic fusion.

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