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AUDIO: Glowingtide – “(Matter of) Perspective”

Glowingtide released their debut studio album on Friday. It’s ten songs that blend elements of shoegaze, emo, prog and psychedelic rock for quite an emotive maelstrom. Like its cover art, this album is a collage of musings and ruminations that come crashing like unrelenting waves on the breakwater, testing whether you’ll sink or swim. Glowingtide can captivate listeners at both

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AUDIO: Glowingtide – “Avoid”

Glowingtide released their second single of the year. With their ethereal blend of shoegaze, psych rock and emo, the band conjures a massive, swelling wave of distortion. With a shredding guitar solo, shrouded vocals and powerful amplification, the song is like roaring rapids in a dream. The band just announced that they are making their Cactus Club debut next month

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AUDIO: Glowingtide – “Yellow”

Emo-shoegaze-psych rockers Glowingtide are out with their first single of 2023. The tune’s dense textures and fuzzy reverb will lift you off your feet and have you floating freely in the sky. The song details young lovers imagining their future together, stuck in cold air but warmed by their hearts. With an explosive cloud of distortion shrouding the song’s second

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