AUDIO: Leroy Booker Featuring Shai Shay & Louphoria – “Heaven”

“Heaven” is the recent single from R&B act Leroy Booker featuring brilliant collaborations from Louphoria and Shai Shay. This six-minute plus epic takes listeners on a journey, starting with the simple premise of being in total bliss with a beloved partner. Leroy’s smooth vocals set the tone, capturing the euphoria of love. As the track progresses, a seamless transition introduces a slower, soulful sample, and Shai Shay enters the scene, offering a female perspective that adds depth and emotion to the narrative. Just when you think you’ve experienced the full spectrum of the track, the song undergoes yet another transformation, closing out with an upbeat, bass-heavy beat and autotuned vocals. “Heaven” is not just a song; it’s an amalgamation of a concept EP, giving you a complete story in six minutes. Check out the track below:

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