AUDIO: Hasani Kidd – “Penny Proud”

Rapper Hasani Kidd’s latest single, “Penny Proud,” takes inspiration from the beloved character of the same name from “The Proud Family” animated series. While the track initially centers around themes of relationships and living a luxurious lifestyle, it goes beyond that. Kidd effortlessly weaves in discussions about financial success and indulgence. With an unwavering confidence in his delivery, it becomes clear that Hasani Kidd possesses the charisma and talent that are bound to propel him to great heights in the music industry. “Penny Proud” may have a simple premise, but Kidd’s self-assured approach effectively communicates his message. As he continues to make his mark, it’s only a matter of time before the rapper garners widespread popularity, and the cartoon character serves as a fitting representation of his desired aesthetic and persona.

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