AUDIO: Destinee Lynn – “Getting To It”

Destinee Lynn’s new singles, “Getting To It” and “Pretty Vibes,” encapsulate her relentless hustle and unwavering ambition. “Getting To It” is a bold declaration of money-making prowess, outlining her relentless drive to succeed by any means necessary. The energy doesn’t falter as “Pretty Vibes” kicks in, mirroring the tenacious spirit of its predecessor. In both songs, Destinee Lynn truly unleashes her power, delivering venomous verses about her self-made success and uncompromising will. The overall theme is one of empowerment and unabashed confidence in her grind, creating a vivid picture of a boss woman who is decidedly on her way up. The money, as she emphasizes, is flowing in, and she’s undeniably confident about her hustle and grind. Check out “Getting To It” below:

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