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VIDEO: Destinee Lynn – “Not Never”

Hip hop artist Destinee Lynn is back with a new single and video. Shot by DineroGangRay. the scene starts with Lynn and her friends playing a game of Never Have I Ever. After collectively deciding that they don’t need dudes wasting any of their time, Lynn starts rapping about exactly that, asserting that she can have what she wants when

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VIDEO: Destinee Lynn – “Pick A Side”

Hip hop artist Destinee Lynn has a new video out shot by OjDidIt. Here, she’s throwing aside all the bullshit, telling you to either ride with her or take a walk. She’s got trust issues and isn’t playing around. It’s her moment of separating the fake ones from the real ones, so you’d better choose wisely. Destinee Lynn finishes off

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VIDEO: Destinee Lynn – “Who is Dat”

Hip hop artist Destinee Lynn has a new single and video out today. It’s a flex track where Lynn reminds you that she’s one of the main ones putting Milwaukee onto the limelight; haters try talking shit even though no one can help but give Lynn credit for the streams she’s racked up and moves she’s made. The two main

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