VIDEO: Destinee Lynn – “Pretty Vibes”

Destinee Lynn has been on a roll lately, and while she put out a new single, “Pretty Vibes,” back in February, she takes things to a new level with the visuals for the track. The song’s premise is clear: Destinee Lynn is out to take your man, but only if she feels like it. In fact, she’s going to do whatever she feels like, simply because she can. There’s a confidence and swagger here that she pulls off with ease, delivering verses with a vocal tone that exudes confidence. The performance clip from Foreign Skooly of Painted Gifted Visuals has Destinee surrounded by her crew, plenty of twerking, and just a bit of pyro as well. Destinee Lynn is poised to do some big things in the near future, and you can hear that with “Pretty Vibes” below:

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