Big Beat MKE 2023 Night Four Recap

Night Four of the Big Beat MKE beat battle tournament brought plenty excitement to the Jackalope Lounj as fans packed both the floor and the balcony, eager to witness the clash of musical prowess. The event was hosted by special guest Rizehnower, while Topher got the crowd moving before the battles.

The first contest of the night pitted James Ashen against Shamgod$upreme in a battle that set the tone for the night. Both producers showcased their exceptional skills, delivering beats that resonated with the audience. An overtime round was needed to determine the victor. Ultimately, James Ashen emerged triumphant, cementing his place in the next round. What made Ashen’s victory even more impressive was the fact that he was a late addition to the competition, finding out that he had been selected as an alternate just days before the event, and managed to create all his beats within the tight 48-hour window leading up to the battle.

The second battle of the night featured a clash of styles between Yoshii and Nathan Weller. Yoshii brought soulful samples and bass-heavy beats, while Weller opted for an electronic dance style that spiced up the sound of the competition. The judges found themselves divided, unable to reach a unanimous decision. To break the deadlock, the fate of the battle fell into the hands of the fans. Through the QR code voting system within the venue, the audience made their voices heard, and it was Yoshii who emerged as the winner, moving on to the next round, where he’ll go head-to-head with Ashen.

In addition to the intense battles, the night was punctuated by memorable performances from Keyba of Spider Creek, who was also celebrating a birthday, and headliner Quies Terry. Keyba’s energetic set infused got the crowd nodding along with cameos from members of Spider Creek. Quies Terry brought material from “Arts & Crafts” to life with a memorable performance as well.

Night Four of the Big Beat MKE beat battle tournament was a testament to the wealth of talent in the competition. Join us next week, when the quarterfinals begin with DuffThePro vs. Kaskit, as well as Domes1 taking on Orion. The night will also feature a Run Along Forever takeover, with performances from Kill.Dawn and Khal!l.

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