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AUDIO: Quies Terry – “For Sunday Mornings & Summer Nights”

Hip hop artist Quies Terry released a new EP this week. Whether he’s looking to have a good time with a woman in “Pretty Girl Party” or getting over the games from a woman in “Off You” or reflecting on not growing up with much in “Accessories,” Terry’s focus here is on how far he’s come and knowing what he

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VIDEO: Quies Terry – “My Concentrated Madness”

Hip hop artist Quies Terry has a new video out from his recent EP “For You.” The young rapper is shown in the booth spitting the entire song; he’s got his eyes on the prize and feels himself transcending to a new level of consciousness as he takes his music career more seriously. The video is minimalist in production to

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VIDEO: Quies Terry – “G.A.S.”

We’ve got a new hip hop artist in town to watch, Quies Terry. His latest single “G.A.S” came with a video not far back. Featuring some jazzy production, Terry raps with an optimistic outlook on life and appreciation for what he has. He’s shown leaning against a truck, in a tree, and walking a dog like he’s been deep in

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