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RECAP: Quies Terry’s “ARTS & Crafts” Album Release Party

ARTS & Crafts, the latest project from Milwaukee’s own Quies Terry, dropped last week following a one-of-a-kind album release party. The album and the event stand as mirror images of each other, Quies as host and Quies as poet together reflecting a single picture of what he and his music stand for.  I was greeted at the door by the

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AUDIO: Quies Terry – “For Sunday Mornings & Summer Nights”

Hip hop artist Quies Terry released a new EP this week. Whether he’s looking to have a good time with a woman in “Pretty Girl Party” or getting over the games from a woman in “Off You” or reflecting on not growing up with much in “Accessories,” Terry’s focus here is on how far he’s come and knowing what he

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