AUDIO: The Keystones – “Newport”

The Keystones’ latest single, “Newport,” is an explosive burst of energy that grabs your attention from the very first chord. With relentless rocking guitars that kickstart the track, this song embodies a rebellious spirit. “Newport” delves into the theme of losing control, living recklessly, and seeking solace in the thrill of indulgence when life takes a downturn. It’s an unabashedly sleazy and lowbrow rocker, and The Keystones embrace this unapologetic identity with gusto. “Newport” is sheer intensity, which becomes its biggest selling point. The song’s infectious energy and wild aura make you crave the allure of making reckless decisions. The Keystones have crafted a gritty anthem that embodies the devil-may-care attitude that resonates deeply with fans of the genre.

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