AUDIO: Louie & the Flashbombs – “Shiny New Skin”

Louie & the Flashbombs’ new EP, “Shiny New Skin,” is a solid return to rock for the band. The five-track release showcases the band’s ability to take inspiration from the past and add their own unique flair to it. Listeners will hear a variety of influences, including early psychadelia, glam rock, and more, all melded together with a reinvigorated energy. Louie Lucchesi’s commanding presence on the microphone adds an extra layer of intensity to the EP. The fact that Lucchesi is a survivor of stage four kidney cancer only adds to the triumphant nature of this release. “Shiny New Skin” is an achievement for Louie & the Flashbombs and a testament to the power of perseverance in the face of adversity.

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