AUDIO: Synymata – “Running Out / You Hurt Me”

Synymata’s latest releases, “Running Out” and “You Hurt Me,” are nothing short of epic. “Running Out” features contributions from ODEA and Donna Tella, and the track builds up dramatically before unleashing a gritty bass-driven EDM assault. The song is diverse piece of production, with Synymata’s sound design creating a sense of tension and release within a few minutes. “You Hurt Me,” on the other hand, begins with Delaney Kai delivering an emotive vocal performance that fades into the track’s drum and bass elements. As the song progresses, it builds to a thunderous climax, with dubstep bass letting loose in a way that’s sure to get any dance floor shaking. Synymata’s new singles showcase the producer’s incredible talent for crafting electrifying electronic music that is both emotional and exhilarating. Check it out here:

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