AUDIO: Jerm Satori Featuring Blizz – “Not For TikTok”

Jerm Satori’s latest single “Not For TikTok,” featuring Blizz, is a refreshing change from the current trend of social media-driven novelty songs. The artists take a mellow beat and infuse it with their sophisticated flows, rapping about their legacies rather than chasing fleeting internet fame. Blizz, a seasoned veteran in the game, delivers an impressive verse full of clever lyrical wordplay that showcases his mastery of the craft. Together, Jerm Satori and Blizz create a track that is both introspective and thought-provoking, reminding listeners of the importance of staying true to oneself and making music that stands the test of time. “Not For TikTok” is a powerful statement from two talented artists who refuse to compromise their art for the sake of social media trends. Check it out here:

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