AUDIO: Char & Eric – “Been So Down”

Char & Eric’s latest single, “Been So Down,” is a groovy offering that blends elements of ska, reggae, world music, and rock. Backed by Eric Blowtorch’s band, The Bodyguards, the lead single is a boogie-ready track that sees both artists passionately singing about missing someone who left town years ago. The lyrics are poignant and relatable, painting a picture of a world that has changed and moved on without them. The B-side, “Seeing You This Way,” is a mellower track that showcases dueling harmonies and a heartfelt message about gratitude. The two tracks offer a full spectrum of Char & Eric’s musical range. The fusion of different genres and influences creates a sonic landscape that is both familiar and fresh, and Char & Eric’s chemistry shines through in every note. With “Been So Down,” Char & Eric continue to prove themselves as talented and versatile artists that have a long legacy in Milwaukee. Check out the tracks below:

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