AUDIO: Joku Lee & Evisu Mane – “Louder Than Words”

Joku Lee and Evisu Mane recently teamed up for a new album, and the best elements of both of their sounds is on display with “Louder Than Words.” Incorporating elements of R&B and soulful hip hop, the two expertly play off of one another on tracks like “Is You Feeling Me” and “Chill With Me,” with tracks aimed for the ladies coming off smooth. Reoccurring cameos from Dodger Bl@cc, Lina B, and Lou Buzzin$ make the project feel like an ensemble production, with a sequencing that places them in just the right spots in the flow of the album. “Louder Than Words” is a strong project that just feels right when you hear it, which is ultimately the most important thing. Check it out here:

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