AUDIO: Faster Faster Faster – “Spiel”

One of the critiques of punk releases in general is that they’re often short in terms of content. Faster Faster Faster didn’t get that memo, however, as they follow up last year’s 16-track “Modern Ghost Stories” with a new 18-song effort, “Spiel.” The band have quantity and quality, creating catchy punk tracks that make you want to bop along, and plenty of of them. Living up to their name, the energy is high on “Spiel,” and the band sounds especially tight on tracks like “Oh Shit, The Gaslight’s On Again” and “Wasting Away.” There’s also poignant-yet-punk moments like “Fuck Cancer” and “Keep Fighting,” which spit in the face of adversity. Faster Faster Faster have something for all rock fans on “Spiel,” and their prolific efforts are certainly recognized here. Check out the record below:

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