AUDIO: Spider Creek Featuring LOVEPeso, Saintre, Keyba and Makata – “Up All Night”

Self-proclaimed “genre-fluid” act Spider Creek has been piquing the interest of Milwaukee’s music scene as of late, and their recent single featuring LOVEPeso, Saintre, Keyba and Makata shows you why. “Up All Night” is full of bass-bumping energy, but there’s a mellow hook that feels pop and R&B-adjacent, and verses to match the uptempo track. It’s a song about staying up all night with a significant other (or lover for the night,) but it might as well be about staying up and partying with the speed that they tear through the song. Spider Creek is dead set on just making music that sounds good, and as it turns out, there’s still desire for that. Check out “Up All Night” below:

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