Artist Spotlights: The Nile Club, Shoobie, North Warren, Barf Lord

The Nile Club played through their newest album and the crowd was still asking for more. Photo by Ethan Duran.

The crowd cheered for an encore after The Nile Club’s explosive album release show at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn on Jan. 20. Before the five-piece took the stage, they were introduced by indie pop trio Barf Lord, garage rock project Shoobie and slacker rockers North Warren.

Barf Lord delivered an intimate show as guitarist and singer Carter Voras delivered introspective songs through distorted, guitar-driven bedroom pop. They shared the spotlight with bassist Ellen Kimberly, who plucked out scales while sitting on her amp, and drummer A.J. Peal, who rapped out concise beats to match. The trio played some new songs and ended the set with “Morning Rituals.”

Barf Lord takes the stage at the start of the night. Photo by Ethan Duran.

Shoobie’s performance turned the energy up a dance/mosh pit of 20-somethings crowded the front of the stage while the band banged out surf rock and synth pop that dive bombed into metal breakdowns. While hopping across genres, the band played a new song, “Piece of Nylon String,” while the band’s social media teased a future EP in the works.

When North Warren shuffled into the spotlight, their slacker appearance didn’t betray their performance as they delivered fun indie rock songs about underachievement and disappointment. They ended their set on “Dyed in the Wool” from their last EP, and the captivating hook at the end rang through Linneman’s: “If it’s meaningless / Why do we feel like this?”

The Nile Club hauled its five members on stage and busted out their latest album, “Wake Up With A Sense Of Pride,” in its entirety, but the crowd couldn’t be satiated when they exhausted all their new songs. Four of the five took turns singing about uncertainty and loss, as the band described their album coming out in time of change and turmoil.

The band played a mix of alternative and psychedelic rock, but spiced it up with synth and trumpet keys. Their final song on the album, “No Forgives,” described the members leaving everything behind for Milwaukee as they signed off – “But I’m off to the Brew City, baby / I’ll find my own way home.”

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