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VIDEO: Barf Lord – “Jam Jars”

Indie pop artist Barf Lord has the video out to recent song “Jam Jars.” Carter Voras is found hanging out in their room, goofing around, dancing and playing guitar as words from the song appear on the screen. It ends with Voras staring deeply at a character in a sketchbook that appears to be having a spiritual moment, fitting for

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AUDIO: Barf Lord – “Jam Jars / Plate”

Indie rock act Barf Lord has two new songs out. The Lord continues their journey into hazy lo-fi melodies and abstract poeticism; “Jam Jars” evokes imagery of whimsical little spirits and slits of peeking light while “Plate” seems to touch on having a lot on your mind as you live day by day. Sealed in an envelope with love, Barf

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Barf Lord, Kat and the Hurricane

The Cooperage hosted their third edition of their Midwest Music Showcase series on Thursday night. We talked to indie pop acts Barf Lord and Kat and the Hurricane; also on the bill were experimental-noise rockers Spoy and Stephanie Glyzewski of alternative rock band LO/ST. Barf Lord is the brainchild of Carter Voras. This was his first show with the full

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AUDIO: Barf Lord – “A Void”

Indie pop artist Barf Lord is out with his sophomore album. Get ready for a hazy ride into lo-fi joy; this record is full of catchy hooks and jangling riffs sure to get the room moving and grooving. From “A-Side Sucks” to “Of All the Good Things” there’s plenty of earworms here, while there’s also slower and more lengthy tracks

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AUDIO: Barf Lord – “Home Invasion”

Indie pop artist Barf Lord (solo project of Carter Voras, in Dogbad) has a new single out this week. A hazy guitar tune, the song is certainly open to interpretation, with lyrics that touch on someone else making themselves at home relative to you. That could mean several different things, but whatever the case, the breezy flavor of the song

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