AUDIO: T Brixson – “Bonita”

T Brixson is performing at the top of his game after the release of his new track ‘Bonita’, which also incorporates the work of an American musician by the name of Westbrooke. The duo are a formidable match and quickly establish themselves as major players in both the Latin and pop music scenes.

‘Bonita’, with its cosy vibe, is one that transports us to the warmer months of 2022 and makes us wonder, “Oh, where did those times go?” As we listen to them croon their way through their performance with passion at the forefront of both their minds and approach, there is a genuine sensation that they were able to capture in their recording, and it remains unique.

The song begins with an electronic loop that has the sound of a harp, which then leads the mix to a bass kick that has the sound of underground music, which finally opens up and locks itself in alongside a vocal performed by T Brixson. The British singer-songwriter mesmerises and enchants with a vocal style that is soft yet full of stamina, and he sings of longing for someone he holds dear.

After that, Westbrooke injects a fresh atmosphere into the track, and his singing in Spanish enhances the Latin flavour to an entirely new level. He is quickly becoming a household name in this game, and his delivery does not fail to impress, which is what keeps us glued on him from the very beginning to the very end.

As is the case with other songs that are comparable to this one, the chorus is where the magic happens and the melody whirls around the mix, becoming ingrained in our minds as it leaps out the speakers.

You can listen here.

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