AUDIO: Von Venn – “Constant Girl”

Even more so than with their debut album, which was released earlier this year, the Dublin indie band Von Venn are quickly gaining momentum in their career. If this pattern continues, the band is well on its way to becoming a household name in the independent music scene. Their most recent offering, titled “Constant Girl,” is just one example of how the band continues to improve with each new release.

Even if ‘Constant Girl’ isn’t that dissimilar to other tracks in the same vein as it, it nevertheless manages to stand out thanks to its unique traits while maintaining its harmony with the surroundings. It is clear that Gary Cox, the frontman, has picked up a variety of inspirations over the course of his career as a member of the band; nonetheless, he still allows his inner creative to flourish, and as he sings through his lyric sheet, we see that he is developing his own distinctive style.

The intensity of the music increases as the song goes on, peaking in the chorus before easing down somewhat in the verses. It is a tried-and-true structure that has stood the test of time, and it emphasises the most significant message, which once more emerges from the refrain. On the other hand, we were not anticipating the music to take a new direction in the middle of the song, with shimmering synths accompanying echoey guitar tones.

The analogy of a dream is one of the most effective methods to summarise the whole experience. We are immersed in a surreal environment, and the ethereal glow that it exudes, which is largely facilitated by the presence of a harmonious female vocal ensemble, transports us to a realm of tranquil indie music.

You can listen here.

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