AUDIO: Eric Blowtorch and the Bodyguards Featuring Norwood, Angelo and Chris – “Too Many Dues”

Ever the experimental act, Eric Blowtorch put out a major collaboration earlier this year, getting ska legends Fishbone on his single “Too Many Dues.” The song features Angelo, John Norwood and Christopher Dowd from the original lineup, in a catchy tune that talks about the unjust violence and killing of black people in America. The juxtaposition of the upbeat nature of the song and its subject matter feels very much in the spirit of what Fishbone have done for years, and on your first listen, you realize the impact of the song. B-side “Mercy” also takes a somber tone, but does so in the midst of a psychedelic ska-breakbeat hybrid. Proceeds from the sales of the song go to Black Lives Matter, which you can pick up here via Bandcamp. Check out the tracks below:

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