Bug Moment, Anita Velveeta, Riotnine and Cream Vellum Halloween Show at Lilliput Records

Bug Moment. Photo by Ethan Duran.

Four bands were on the bill for an all-ages Halloween show at Lilliput Records on Sunday, mixing genres like skramz, shoegaze, hyperpop and alternative rock and packing the inside of the new record store.

Alt-rock act Bug Moment has turned a lot of heads in the Milwaukee scene recently with shows at venues like Cactus Club and dropping their album “BUGS” last year. Their reputation preceded them as guitarist Gray Edwards sounded off wonderfully composed distorted guitars, singer Jas Rosenblatt carried every note with grace. Bassist Eli Dorsey and drummer Aidan Hoppens filled the spaces in between and the band performed like a well-oiled machine.

Minneapolis-based duo Anita Velveeta played a chaotic, fun set that was on-brand for the messiness of hyperpop’s genre and Gen Z-specific humor. They played a song about conspiracy theories, one with a hardcore-style breakdown and another with drum and bass jungle beats. Velveeta remarked the band wrote a lot of songs about love, “because love is a funny thing.”

Riotnine played half a set of original songs reminiscent to ‘90’s post hardcore and skramz and the other half emo covers, both of which were explosive and exciting. Staying true to the genre, their music was emotional and high-energy, as guitarist Cleo Jackowick kicked out speedy guitar riffs and vocalist Diana Calderon shook the room with throat-ripping howls.

Shoegaze Cream Vellum performed as a trio Sunday night after ejecting their guitar player, leaving bassist Ryan Sablay front and center on the stage. Most of the songs were written by vocalist and keyboard player Elise McArdle, who dips into influences like My Bloody Valentine and Pink Floyd to come up with dreamy tones.

Lilliput served as a promising space for new local talent to showcase their material and made an ideal center for the city’s music lovers and scenesters. Every act gave their full effort and the audience was receptive, and it even got the approval of the out-of-town act. After the show, Anita Velveeta tweeted out, “Milwaukee has one of the nicest and coolest diy scenes I have ever had the pleasure of playing in.”

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