ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: LoBi LoBianco, Crawlspace


Milwaukee acts LoBi LoBianco and Crawlspace performed along with Chicago rockers Disaster Kid at Bremen Cafe on Thursday night.

LoBi LoBianco normally plays with a full band but did a solo set Thursday. Stylistically his music contains elements of folk, rock, indie pop and emo. “I started writing for this project right after leaving Howard Grove,” LoBianco said. “I had a bunch of songs that didn’t fit with what Howard Grove was doing so I saved them and recorded them myself with some friends.”

His debut EP “Spanish Shame” dropped about a month ago and is five songs. LoBianco said about it, “The title refers to someone feeling shame for someone who’s oblivious. I wanted to have that as a central theme mixed in with catharsis and frustration. From that grievous idea, I’d talk about things that actually happened; like, I *did* see a man get his neck broken and my father’s last words to me *were* “you lost your friend today.” “Moratorium” is about putting a hold on those feelings and trying to make yourself feel better, and “Good Grief” is about how you can’t hold those feelings in so it’s like being locked away in your own devices and making irrational decisions. “Squall” is about a mental storm, and “Listless” is a song I felt I had to make because my grandma is a Holocaust survivor and with the rise of you-know-what, I felt I needed to say something. “In the Time That I Have Left” is an uplifting track that I wrote for my partner.”

He’s currently working on an album he hasn’t titled yet. “I’m not sure when it’s going to be out but I have most of the songs written,” he said. “I’m also doing production for some other artists and my record label.”

LoBi LoBianco plays a full-band show on August 28th for 414 Flea Market.

Crawlspace are an indie folk-rock band consisting of vocalist/guitarist Aliya Moore, vocalist/guitarist Max Janairo, guitarist Chris Zak, bassist Tommy Curtis, and drummer Oli Smith. The band formed last fall but have had their current formation for the past four or five months. “Chris, Tommy and Max all went to high school together and then came back after graduating college,” Moore explained. “I met Max randomly and we became friends right away, and then we started the band together. I’m an appraiser – which means I value houses – and I saw on a sheet at work that said ‘crawlspace’ as a way to describe an attic…I thought it’d be a really good band name.”

Their debut single “One & the Same” was released in May. Moore shared about it, “It’s based off a John Fahey tune. I learned a new tuning where you can strum the guitar all as a chord, and then the song kind of wrote itself when I was camping with my partner. I thought about what it feels like to be anxious and being with somebody who’s also going through it but being there for each other; it’s about loving someone.”

On the band’s songwriting process, Moore said, “Usually whoever writes it sings it, except for certain songs with Max and Chris, who have a very special collaborative relationship. We’ll bring the songs to each other and then the band fills in all the gaps…it’s so beautiful and supportive. I’ll write something that sounds folk because it’s just me on my acoustic guitar, but then I’ll show it to the band and they could make it sound like hard rock.”

Crawlspace have been finding their groove with recording. They play Cactus Club this Monday and X-Ray Arcade for Rat Bath’s tour kickoff on September 1st.

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