AUDIO: Mr Jayvic – “Let Love Lead The Way”

The new track by Mr Jayvic and Aisha J is ‘Let Love Lead The Way’, and it features both artists performing feel-good African vibes. The sincerity with which Mr Jayvic expresses his feelings, as well as the frankness with which he discusses relationships and his admiration for his wife, Aisha J, holds our attention for the entire duration of the four-minute piece.

The single concentrates on a beautifully delivered message of love and growth, yet something unique about this track makes it stand out among other singles in the same arena. The tracks message is that love and growth are good things to focus on. But, instead of pushing for something, it is better to let love be the primary motivating factor, a novel approach that many people will find refreshing.

The infectiously catchy song ‘Let Love Lead The Way’ has a warm foundation and a beat that taps with infectious movement to the listener’s feet. The lead guitar has a calming tone and floats off into the distance alongside an angelic-sounding synth composition that reverberates throughout the mix. As the track progresses, a wide variety of sounds begin to materialise, and the path itself continues to evolve with an unconventional structure.

Overall, this track from Mr Jayvic and Aisha J is among the most potent that has come out in recent times, and it has dug its way deep into our minds.

You can listen here.

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