VIDEO: Zonk Rolan – “LoverBoy”

Reggaeton crooner Zonk Rolan has a new single and video out, and it’s all about being discrete on “LoverBoy.” The beat has all the makings of a summertime reggaeton/pop hybrid, with Rolan getting the chance to showcase his range early. When things really kick in, though, he lets his swagger shine, while singing about a secret relationship with a woman that they both keep on the down low. The track is addicting, and the video from Brandon Stearns features Zonk cruising through the city with his lover, appreciating her with a photoshoot in a field as well. This is a track that can get you moving, and just one of the recent cuts that have shown plenty of potential for Rolan to break out of a burgeoning reggaeton scene in Milwaukee. Check out “Loverboy” below:

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