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AUDIO: Travvy Trav & Nico Duschatzsky – “Flow Violento”

Electronic producer Travvy Trav teamed up with vocalist Nico Duschatzky for a reggaeton track. Featuring Spanish lyrics, the song has rather minimalist production, with an airy guitar melody over light shuffling rhythm. It’s definitely still a party track though, with plenty of sunny sensibility and exciting energy. Travvy Trav has never been one to put himself in a box, and

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Get Hot With a New Banger From 2Fuertes, J$, ‘Noche De Sexo’

2Fuertes is a reggaeton duo. Both artists LuBry and Don Carlo El Vale sing and rap. Their main production and mixing and mastering come from Don Carlo. They have built the entire studio during the quarantine and do all the recording in it themselves. ‘Noche De Sexo’ by 2Fuertes, J$ was created while partying all day. The artists invited their

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Baby A’s ‘Pampila’ Has A Reggaeton Remix That Features Jaysi

Aiden Oruwari, or professionally known as Baby A, is a three-year-old from Toronto, Canada. Like his father, Baby A is also interested in music. One day, he couldn’t stop singing a tune at home so his mother decided to record it. That’s the moment this epic legacy began. His father, Tee Tash, is a video director. Discovering the potential of

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