Gego y Nony at No Studios

Reggaeton duo Gego y Nony performed at No Studios on Saturday night, where they premiered the music video for their song “Reloj.” Opening for them was R&B artist Trinity Grace.

Gego y Nony are brothers that have been singing, rapping, and writing their own music since the mid 2000’s. With Puerto Rican roots, they mix both Spanish and English lyrics. Gego shares a bit about when they began working as a duo.

“We started in high school, kicking it with our friends and chilling at a party when a song came up by one of our favorite artists, and I started singing the song with Nony and everyone was impressed by how we sang it. They were saying “hey, you don’t rap? Let me record you!” and I had never really thought about it, but then we went and recorded with them and since then we’ve been making music.”

“That’s literally exactly what happened,” Nony laughed.

Their debut album “Tiempo” dropped in May 2021 to critical acclaim. They worked with a number of producers from outside the US – Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Spain. Gego explains what they wanted to do going into “Tiempo.”

“The album has twelve songs like a clock has twelve hours, so the whole album is based off of time and relationships that we’ve had. It’s very untypical to hear the soft stuff like this in reggaeton; usually it’s more hardcore, but this is both. It’s a very special album.”

Nony added, “When we started making music in high school, our mom had really valued education, so right after high school we both went to college so we focused on our studies and fell off from the music for a while. Around 2019, our friends kept asking why we haven’t been making music and were telling us that we were doing sounded good, so we came up with the song “Frontea” which is probably the most popular song off the album. We released it as a single and that week it got like 64,000 plays within three days. We knew we had to do something. Then COVID hit, and we took time during quarantine to dedicate to the album and we went all in.”

“The way we put the story into the album, it’s all done in a chronological order,” Gego said. “So “Frontea” was the only one that was kind of based backwards, and that was because I got my heart broken. That’s really how it all started.”

Nony explains their new music video for “Reloj.”

“We really take pride in our music, and “Frontea” was our first music video and we went all out for it. But then we had so much success with our album that we wanted to make something for “Reloj” which is another song that got really popular. We had to take it to the next level so we called Jacob Rink and sat down with him, and he brought the vision together…and it’s fire.”

Gego y Nony will be at Mas Flow Reggaeton Fest in Chicago in July, where they will be performing with Zion & Lennox. Their latest single “Donde Estan” dropped last Halloween, plus they’ve got plenty more music on the way.

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