AUDIO: Hank Quillen – “Treading Water”

The up-and-coming indie rock singer-songwriter Hank Quillen is making a splash on the contemporary music scene with his recently released single ‘Treading Water’. Hank’s artistic talents shine through like a beacon from the very first note, making this a one-of-a-kind type of single that is truly inspiring.

Hank is a well-known actor who is not afraid to try new things, as seen by the fact that he explores a previously undiscovered quality in this, his latest release. It begins with a powerful riff on the guitar, which is placed very far to the right in the mix. In addition to a gritty vocal from Hank, the opener also features a bass lead that enters the mix, which adds a further dimension to the track.

Quillen shows up with absolute power, and his efforts are aided by his influences of past outstanding performers who have competed in the same arena. He does not entirely reinvent the wheel to the point where his work is unrecognisable; nonetheless, he does add to what is already available and puts his own spin on the genre of music that is being discussed here. Also, his guitar playing deserves a lot of praise because it is one of the focus areas of interest in his work, and he works hard to ensure that it plays an important.

You can listen here.

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