AUDIO: Little Moses Jones – “City Or Country”

The atmosphere is filling with a jubilant rhythm, which can only mean one thing; Little Moses Jones is back in town. What a triumphant return he stages with his most recent effort, ‘City Or Country’.

Everyone who comes in contact with Little Moses Jones’ soundscape will find themselves gripping to it like a small child at a candy store, bringing the spotlights to the forefront of the action! Moses demonstrates his talent by delivering a vocal and instrumental performance that is up there with the most excellent performances right now while maintaining his unique quality.

As of writing this review, the sun is beaming outside, and the track fits the mood like a glove. Furthermore, the catchy low tones of the bass keep everything in place, while the guitars contribute a textured layer of depth to the overall sound. Moses has the ability to explore, and it pays off, and his narrative about life hits homeward!

In the final segment of the song, there is a guitar solo that rips through the mix. It cements the track into the mind with its awe-inspiring texture. In addition, it makes us eagerly anticipate the next release from Little Moses Jones, which will hopefully arrive in the not-so-distant future.

You can listen to ‘City Or Country’ here.

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