AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Tender Love”

The new song by Julia Thomsen titled ‘Tender Love’ is stunning because of how it gets rid of any negative thoughts in our mind. Right now, what we could all use in our lives is some music that allows us to lose ourselves easily, and the music that was composed in London is ideal for that purpose.

The mesmerising colours of Julia’s piano tones flow through the airwaves in ‘Tender Love’, which transports listeners to a relaxing realm and opens the door to positivity. Here, two different piano arrangements are playing in tandem, with one playing at a higher tone that speaks to our feelings and the other at a lower pitch that gives our ears a solid base to rest. It is difficult not to feel at peace as these tones flow.

When you listen to ‘Tender Love’, time seems to stand still, even though the summer days may appear to pass quickly. Even after the song has finished playing, we cannot stop thinking about it! In addition, Julia Thomsen has recently released a large quantity of brand new songs, and because she has accumulated more than 3 million streams on Spotify, it is abundantly evident that she is an artist that is not to ignore!

You can listen to ‘Tender Love’ by Julia Thomsen here.

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