AUDIO: The Grovelers – “Misplaced Cars and Blackouts”

At almost a decade in and around the Milwaukee punk scene, The Grovelers have mastered the art of the rock and roll party song. You can hear that on “Misplaced Cars and Blackouts,” the band’s most recent album, which is a full-fledged, anthemic party record. There’s not a lot of reinventing the wheel here, because there frankly doesn’t need to be. The band just write great, catchy songs that will have you singing and bopping along at every turn. Most of the songs don’t crack the three-minute barrier, and that’s perfectly fine, because the band sound like they’re putting their all into these cuts. “Misplaced Cars and Blackouts” is your summer soundtrack to a booze-fueled blowout, and also a hell of a record to consume while sober, too. Check out the album here:

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