AUDIO: BContheTrack – “Feel Me”

BConthetrack is an R&B and Hip Hop trailblazer. It’s a big statement, but he possesses the qualities that will enable him to stand out in an industry that is growing increasingly competitive.

With his new single ‘Feel Me,’ which features vocalist Beaux, he manages to entice us in. It’s one of those tracks that you have to keep playing after you’ve put it on. Beaux leaps with energy. He sings about a topic that many people can relate to, one that is full of charisma, and he proves to his detractors that he has what it takes to make considerable strides in the music industry.

BContheTrack explores a new musical territory. It’s a sound that’s all their own, and it adds to their outstanding discography. The track begins with a steady pace and pulsing bass lead. Beaux also gets down to business in quick succession. He doesn’t hold back, and he pours his heart and soul into his stanza, driving the track home with conviction.

Beaux’s appeal stems from the fact that he is more than just a rapper. Many musicians in his position would have needed the assistance of another singer, but Beaux is fortunate in that he can change up his method. As a result, he kicks things off with a great vocal performance and doesn’t let up as the song goes often delving deep into his toolkit.

You can check it out here.

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