AUDIO: Christie Reeves – “Thaw”

Christie Reeves’ ‘Thaw’ is one of those tracks that rises out of New Music Friday and grabs the ears like a tiny child grasping for a piece of candy.

Given the star quality she radiates from this new delivery, the artist from the United Kingdom has a bright career ahead of her. The singer-songwriter recently signed a record deal with Hillside Global, and takes a giant stride forward with a sound that many will compare to folk-pop greats from previous decades.

‘Thaw’ has all the ingredients to become a timeless masterpiece, and Christie is off to a good start. Christie gets right to the point, speaking about her self-worth and reminding herself never to conform solely to please others while losing all dignity in one’s own worth. Her words are poignant, and she offers a sense of rebirth, almost as if she is resurrecting from a difficult moment and discovering where she went wrong in the past.

Christie’s poetic delivery is complemented by music that flows with serenity. In addition, the guitarist glides through the mix with a dreamy smoothness, while the drums tap with gentle cadence, and her harmonies provide extra flare to the whole experience.

The structure flips and turns as the track progresses, and it gets even more adventurous in the closing portion. With a final riveting vocal delivery, Christie cements her position in folk-pop history and smashes it!

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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