Breaking and Entering’s “An Evening With” series brought Gold Steps and Diet Lite to the stage at the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery on Thursday night.

Gold Steps comprises of vocalist Liz Mauritz, guitarist Zach Duarte, bassist Ryan Rivas and drummer Mike Britz. Their style contains elements of pop punk, power pop, and alternative rock. They get their name from a Neck Deep song.

“Their album “Life’s Not Out to Get You” is really inspirational as far as the energy we want to bring through our performances and songs we write,” Mauritz said about Neck Deep. “Zach and I were in prior band before Gold Steps and we always joked about “Gold Steps” being the song that really spoke to us, like *this* is the kind of music that we want to be writing. One day we decided “what are we waiting for?” so we started the band.”

Mauritz recalls the exact day the band formed – February 2nd, 2016. She explained, “That was the day Zach and I left band practice and decided that we weren’t going to continue on in the project we were in…it just wasn’t a good fit for us anymore and we were ready to move on. We had already started writing new songs with that band, and we decided that those songs didn’t really fit that project and were being kicked to the side anyways, so we took them and started Gold Steps. Zach and I have been through a few different member cycles as people grow and change, but the two of us have always stayed on the same path. In 2019, we took a break after touring for quite a while and moved here to Milwaukee from Austin, Texas and rebuilt the band in 2020 with Mikey and Ryan. We’ve stayed a four-piece since but are eagerly awaiting the moment where we find the right fifth member.”

Mauritz is originally from Milwaukee and met Duarte when she moved to Austin. “I just happened to find this person who just speaks to me musically and personally,” she said. “Our paths were destined to cross at some point. It’s kind of crazy how life works out.”

The band’s latest single “Stay the Same” featuring Thief Club dropped in January and it’s their first single since 2019. Mauritz shares what went into it.

“That song was written back in 2019 during a writing session with Nick Thompson who sings for a band called Hit the Lights, and he also has his solo project Thief Club. We were in the studio with him and our former producer Rick King, working on a few songs to send out to labels. That song came about because when we arrived for that writing session, Zach and I were both a little stressed out by a few friends who were just running these really toxic cycles in their lives and would come to us and complain about it, and we’d try to be good friends and give advice. Then they’d just go out and do the same thing and come right back, and we’d just keep hearing these same things over and over again. It just got really overwhelming, and Nick has always been really good about pulling these emotions out of me and seeing what we could write about, and “Stay the Same” came about from friends just wearing you down mentally by continuing to do the things that they know aren’t the best choices, and somehow they keep bringing you into it.”

Finally, she shares what the band is working on now.

“We do have a full EP/LP that’s completed and it’s eight songs. Some of the singles we’ve already released are going to be on that – “Empty Space”, “Under Attack”, and “Stay the Same.” It’s slating for release later this year, so watch our socials for that announcement.”

Gold Steps play at The Cooperage for 414 Day next week, are going on a weekend run through Michigan and Chicago at the end of the month, will be moonlighting as a Paramore cover band at X-Ray Arcade May 20th, and play the Lakefront Brewery Extrava-Bandza at Cactus Club May 25th.

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