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AUDIO: Gold Steps – “That Ain’t It”

Alternative pop rockers Gold Steps are here with their sophomore full-length album. All the high-energy hooks and soaring melodies the band’s released over the last few months are here plus a few new cuts as well. There’s a strong theme of divorcing yourself from toxic past relationships (the ones that make you go, “what was I thinking?”) and learning how

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VIDEO: Gold Steps – “Petty”

Alt pop punks Gold Steps are keeping it moving with a new single and video. An Enterprise Films production, the scene finds the band capturing a dude who’s clearly done some fucked up shit, ready to torture and intimidate him. The song is about being over the gaslighting from someone after all the lies aren’t adding up. Gold Steps strike

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VIDEO: Gold Steps – “Front Row”

Alt pop-punk band Gold Steps have a new single and video out via Ghost Killer Entertainment. It’s a song about putting a toxic and manipulative person behind you and living your best life; they’d try to use you for their own gain, and now they can play their games on their own. Fittingly, the video finds vocalist Liz Mauritz out

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Breaking and Entering’s “An Evening With” series brought Gold Steps and Diet Lite to the stage at the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery on Thursday night. Gold Steps comprises of vocalist Liz Mauritz, guitarist Zach Duarte, bassist Ryan Rivas and drummer Mike Britz. Their style contains elements of pop punk, power pop, and alternative rock. They get their

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AUDIO: Gold Steps FT. Thief Club – “Stay the Same”

Gold Steps are a new one you should know. They recently relocated from Austin to Milwaukee and deliver power pop-punk energy. Their latest single is a collaboration with Thief Club and rips on about getting over a one-sided friendship. Actions speak louder than words, and apologies without changed behavior wear on you so you’re moving on. It’s an exciting hit

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