AUDIO: Glitch Project – “NBR”

Glitch Project are soaring with their new single, ‘NBR’, their first release of 2022 and one which will be playing ut for a long time as the year unfolds.

Furthermore, it all begins with a harrowing synth overture that ushers us into dreamland. Maida then jumps forward to the microphone, confidently launching into her speech, keeping us enthralled. The prelude perfectly complements the verse, and Maida’s vocals get even more powerful as the song progresses.

Maida’s voice is a force to be reckoned with, with a tone that will have you clinging to her for dear life. She also knows when to go bold in the mix. Furthermore, in the introduction, her silky qualities float through the airways before a powerful delivery in the chorus. Her message is very profound since she examines her thoughts and self. She also sings on a topic that many will relate to, given the last several years’ events.

As the track proceeds, many different sounds emerge, and the anticipation rises. Furthermore, the power drips like a leaking faucet, culminating in an indent unlike any other. ‘NBR’ checks all of the boxes that a modern alt-pop song should! It has a pleasant pop element, but it also delves into a unique place, making for a refreshing listen right away.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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