AUDIO: CJ Folds – “Love At War (Mr. Lonely)”

After several singles that have caught our attention, CJ Folds’ sophomore album, “Love At War (Mr. Lonely)” is out now. 16 heartfelt tracks make up this record, and you can tell from the intro alone that Folds poured his heart out into this release. There are plenty of songs about a failed relationship, and the many stages of moving past that here, but that sets the best stage for Folds to showcase his vocal abilities. Guest verses from Langston, AremitRo$, Eli $tones, and Jordyn Sade put some added flavor into the songs, but CJ Folds does a great job of commanding the spotlight here. If you need some good music for heartbreak, “Love At War (Mr. Lonely)” is for sure the album to go-to. Check it out below:

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